Ikaslan Bizkaia is a non-profit association that works since 1996 for the continuous improvement of the Vocational Education Training of Bizkaia, in the Basque Country.

Our organization unites the public VET centers of Bizkaia, working collaboratively to deliver top-notch training to students, addressing their professional growth and talent demands.


To become the primary reference for Vocational Education and Training in Bizkaia’s society, as well as within its educational and productive ecosystem.


People first

Customer satisfaction

Achievement culture

Committed to the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as the framework that guides our activities. By focusing on these goals, we ensure that we contribute to a sustainable, inclusive, and environmentally friendly future.

Quality Education

This goal is at the core of our purpose. The openness and accessibility of public Vocational Education and Training, along with its training offerings, methodologies, teaching staff, links with enterprises, and our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, ensure the quality of education in our centers and provide equal opportunities for lifelong learning.










Gender Equality

Gender equality is a fundamental and cross-cutting principle of our educational system, and therefore, in Basque Vocational Education and Training. Moreover, both in our individual centers and through the structure of the Association promote initiatives that contribute to empowering and positioning women in fields where their presence is still in the minority.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

Inclusive economic development, which leaves no one behind, must ensure decent work for everyone. Public Vocational Education and Training enables anyone to acquire skills throughout their life to access the job market and enhance their professional growth.

Furthermore, we promote the transition to the working world for our students. The Labor Intermediation Service – Ikasenplegu of Ikaslan Bizkaia is specifically designed to facilitate and enhance the hiring of graduates of Vocational Education and Training.

Reduced Inequality

We are a network of public centers, providing free access. We work to ensure that regardless of abilities and economic possibilities, all individuals can develop academically and professionally.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The activity of our centers and the structure of the Association inevitably affects our environment. Increasing resource efficiency, reducing ecosystem degradation, and promoting environmentally sustainable lifestyles based on a circular economy are part of the daily routine of the centers. Additionally, the Technical Office works to minimize the environmental impact of its operations.

Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Collaboration is the essence of Ikaslan Bizkaia. We were born to share ideas and best practices, within our network of centers as well as with other local and international organizations. We advocate that diversity and the combination of experiences, knowledge, and expertise enhance the outcomes of any project we undertake.


Technical officer

Alba Estanyol

Zaloa Mitxelena

Lydia García

Ainhoa García

Marian Berrocal



Begoña Andrés


Kepa Legarreta


Karmele San Miguel


Mariano Román

Irene Delgado
Aitor Unamuno
Ritxar Alberdi
Alberto García


STEAM Euskadi Seal

May 2022
The Department of Education of the Basque Government recognized the work of Ikaslan Bizkaia in promoting STEAM vocations among young women with the STEAM Euskadi Seal. This recognition was awarded in the second edition of the STEAM Euskadi Awards, organized in collaboration with the Basque Innovation Agency, Innobasque.

Collaborating Entity for Gender Equality

September 2021
The Basque Association for Equality (Emakunde) endorsed the efforts of Ikaslan Bizkaia to ensure and verify gender equality within the organization.

Confebask Awards

December 2020
The Basque Business Confederation recognized the role of the public Vocational Education and Training association of Bizkaia in the consolidation of vocational education and training in the Basque Country.

Honor Plaque of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise

July 2019
This award, granted by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain, represented a endorsement of the work carried out by Ikaslan during these years and an incentive to continue working for cutting-edge Vocational Education and Training in Europe.

You can contact us here

Pajares, 34 • 48980, SANTURTZI, Bizkaia Basque Country, Spain

ikaslan@ikaslan.net / Telf.: +34 94 493 84 00